Melody Lee

Contributing Writer

Expertise: Basic Obedience, Leash Reactivity, Puppy Socialization

Education & Certifications: BA, Bryn Mawr College | CPDT-KA

About Melody

Melody first started learning about dog behavior and positive reinforcement training when her childhood dog Max demonstrated leash reactivity towards dogs and children as well as stranger aggression. She volunteered with the Brooklyn Animal Care Center and has extensive experience with managing littermate syndrome in puppies. She worked in Manhattan as a dog walker for five years, learning how to handle dogs of varying size, temperament, and training level.

Melody follows the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant’s policy on Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) strategies for behavior modification and animal handling. She has assisted clients and breeders with performing the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to find the right puppy for the right home.

She has provided professional dog training for CEOs, celebrities, and high-profile clients, helping dogs integrate into large and busy households with multiple handlers and staff members.

In addition to dogs, she has clicker trained cats, birds, and horses.

Pro Tip: “Let your dog think they're training you!"

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