Dr. Caitlin Coberly

Contributing Writer

Expertise: Aggression, Reactivity, Fear, Compulsive Behavior (OCD/CCD), Well-being

Education & Certifications: BSc, University of Oregon, PhD, Duke University | CDBC, Fear Free™ Certified Trainer

About Dr. Coberly

Dr. Coberly's long history training animals took a dramatic turn when she first decided to see if she could train “naturally”, without equipment or tools. Her love of “naked training” paid off when she found her horses volunteered to show up for work, and her bird dogs could switch between doing nosework or birding voluntarily. This prompted a decade long deep-dive into pet emotional health and well-being, and how that relates to “problem” behaviors. Caitlin brings this integrated approach into her daily work with challenging dogs—resolving issues through a combination of lifestyle analysis, building two-way communication, and developing deep relationships built on mutual enjoyment.

She adheres to the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant’s policy on Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) strategies, as well as the Fear Free™ mission to provide unparalleled education on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and improving the experience of every human and pet involved.

Caitlin may be best known for her work as the founder of Dog Training 101 on Facebook, helping hundreds of thousands of unique families with their dogs. Caitlin has become known for her work mentoring other trainers, and helping them solve unique and difficult behavior problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Caitlin’s training repertoire includes dogs, falcons, horses, fish, and even spiders.

Caitlin happily looking up at a dog that is resting on her shoulder

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