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Off leash, the ultimate freedom for a dog, is not without its risks – and unless your dog has perfect recall, they’re likely not ready to be off leash anywhere outside of an enclosed, safe space. More than that, however, strong recall is the mark of a very well trained dog, and one who is deeply bonded with their human.

But how do you build recall? How do you get your dog to understand that regardless of how interesting that piece of trash, squirrel, or other dog is, they come when called? That’s what this course is all about. Certified trainer and behavior consultant Alex Sessa breaks down the importance of recall, how to build it into your training regimen, and even some more unique ways of calling your dog, like with a whistle.

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12 Weeks

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6 Months


General Training


Teaching Verbal Recall
Advancing Verbal Recall Outdoors
Whistle Recall
Advancing Whistle Recall Outdoors
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Workshop #1

Teaching Verbal Recall

What you'll learn:
Why recall is really important, and the beginning steps of how to teach it to your dog

Spoiler alert: we teach recall because it can be potential life saving for your dog. In this workshop, we provide context behind why recall is such an important skill for you and your dog to train, and how you can get started working on recall in more controlled environments. We’ll break down how you need to prepare your environment, the tools you’ll need, and the beginning steps of teaching verbal recall – that is, coming to you when you call their name!

Workshop #2

Advancing Verbal Recall Outdoors

What you'll learn:
How to move from indoors to outdoors, and what to pay attention to

Ready to step up your recall game? Now that we’ve built the foundation for recall in a controlled environment, we’re now going to head outside. But be forewarned, if your dog is not coming 100% of the time when called indoors, they’re simply not ready to work on recall outdoors. We’ll walk you through how to pick the perfect test spot, how to plan ahead to set yourself up for success, and some quick tips and tricks that will message to your dog that coming back to you when called is the best thing they can do, every single time.

Workshop #3

Whistle Recall

What you'll learn:
Why we teach whistle recall, why it's better, and how to implement it

While verbal recall is a great tool to have, our tone of voice can change – whether we’re sick, scared, happy, mad…and therefore it’s difficult to create a consistent sound that your dog knows means to come back to you. That’s why there’s whistle recall. In this workshop, we’ll walk through why using a whistle can provide more consistency and clarity in your recall, as well as set you up with the tools you need to be successful. We’ll then break down step-by-step the different methods of teaching whistle recall indoors.

Workshop #4

Advancing Whistle Recall Outdoors

What you'll learn:
How to take whistle recall outdoors, and when to know your dog is ready for it

Next up, bringing that whistle recall outside! Just like advancing verbal recall, we’re going to start this workshop in a controlled outdoor environment and apply the same principles. Again, if your dog is not coming to you 100% of the time with a whistle recall indoors, they’re not ready to do whistle recall outdoors.

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