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Bite Inhibition


Bite Inhibition

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Did your little puppy turn out to be a little shark? While most puppies generally grow out of being bitey, training your dog not to bite humans, animals, and objects you care about will go a long way in ensuring the safety of you, your dog, and those around you.

In this course led by Alex Sessa, we’ll dive into why puppies bite, what’s going through their head when they do, and how you can proactively prevent your puppy’s nipping from turning into something more serious. We’ll also show you how to evaluate your puppy’s nipping to see the best way for you to approach resolving it, identifying what reinforces biting for your unique situation.

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Why Puppies Bite
The Pieces of Play Biting
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Workshop #1

Why Puppies Bite

What you'll learn:
Why puppy biting happens, what to do when it does, and how to prevent it

There’s no single reason a puppy bites – it could be due to breed, environment, or age, among other reasons. With that in mind, not all biting is something to be concerned about! In this workshop, we’ll walk through the signs to look for when there’s something you should be concerned about, and how to read your dog's body language to know if this is play, or something more serious. We’ll walk through what you should do, what you definitely shouldn’t do, and give you some expert tips on how to minimize biting.

Workshop #2

The Pieces of Play Biting

What you'll learn:
What play biting is, how to identify it, and how to help with teething

Play biting is a wholly different thing than aggressive biting, but what about teething? A big part of why puppies use their mouths for, well, everything, is that they’re teething! Like humans, it’s an uncomfortable process, but luckily it’s over relatively quickly. In this workshop, we’ll walk through the different kinds of biting, how to curb play biting, and the kinds of toys and tools that can reduce nipping while helping your puppy work through their teething period.

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Bite Inhibition

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