1 in 10 dogs are surrendered due to behavior every year.

And it’s no wonder: great training is expensive, especially for donor-supported organizations – but when a rescue dog is trained, they’re more likely to be adopted, and stay adopted. That’s where we come in.

By participating in the Good Dogs Do Good program, rescues and shelter organizations can access training from some of the best certified trainers and behavior consultants in the country, at no cost to the organization.

Gentle Beast is a dog training and behavior resource, in your pocket.

Our platform offers the following:

  • Custom-training plans composed of bite-sized, digestible instructional content tailored to a dog's age, breed, environment, and training progress
  • Access to an expert-led community where users can speak with live trainers and other dog owners whenever they need
  • 1:1 virtual booking appointments with live trainers
  • Curated recommendations for equipment, food, treat, and enrichment

Free for Life

All fosters and volunteers will receive a free code to access the Gentle Beast platform, for life.

Free 1 Month for Adopters

Everyone who adopts through a participating rescue will receive their first month free.

Rescue Kickback

Partners who opt in to our kickback program will receive a donation for each adopter who goes on to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to the Gentle Beast platform.

Join the Program

If you work with or know a rescue or shelter organization that’s interested in participating, fill out the form below and our team will reach out!

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