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Health & Nutrition

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Health and Nutrition are incredibly important facets of a dog’s behavior. If your dog isn’t feeling well, or isn’t receiving the proper nutritional value out of their food, their behavior can be impacted. We’ve partnered with veterinary telehealth provider, First Vet, to provide both the veterinarian and trainer perspectives on managing your dog’s health and nutrition. This course is a great starter for new dog owners who might be asking themselves questions like:

How do I pick the right food for my dog?

How often should I feed them?

How long do puppies need to sleep?

What vaccines does my dog need, and when?

What is enrichment and how does it improve my dog’s wellness?

As with all of our courses, we tailor the content of Health and Nutrition based on your dog’s unique behavioral profile and your desires and questions as their guardian. Led by Dr. Jessica Lowe and certified behavior consultant Alex Sessa, this course will give you a solid foundation for providing your dog with a happy, healthy life.

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Health & Wellness


Sleep & Exercise
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Workshop #1


What you'll learn:
How to pick the right food, how often to feed your dog, and how to feed your dog as they grow

What to feed your dog is a hot topic these days – from raw diets to fresh food, to kibble and freeze dried, it’s information overload for a busy dog parent trying to give their dog the best nutrition available. In this workshop, Dr. Jessica Lowe guides you through the best practices for diet and nutrition and how to effectively evaluate the food options available.

We’ll consider all aspects that define whether or not a certain food is healthy for your dog: if they employ veterinary behaviorists, the control measures used for quality, where it’s produced, whether it’s been researched or not, life stage match, and much more. And if you’re interested, we’ll also talk through the considerations in choosing an alternative diet, and the real science behind the marketing.

Workshop #2

Sleep & Exercise

What you'll learn:
How often your dog needs to sleep, why they sleep so much, and how to exercise them the right amount

Sleep and exercise might seem like a human problem when looking over at your rambunctious or equally likely sleepy new dog – but there is such a thing as too much or too little of both! It’s up to you to help your dog manage these things, so Dr. Jessica Lowe dives deep into the sleep and exercise needed to keep your dog healthy.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to treat naps, how much sleep a dog should get by age, and recommendations to make setting your dog up for sleep success easier. We’ll also talk through how to structure your dog’s exercise so they don’t get injured or overtired, but get enough of a workout in to keep their bodies strong.

Workshop #3


What you'll learn:
How to find and evaluate a vet, vaccination schedules, and the risks and benefits of spay and neutering

Wellness is a pretty new concept in humans, and a very new concept for dogs. So how do you improve your dog’s wellness? Well, a good first step is finding a great veterinarian in your area. Vets aren’t just for emergencies – regular check ups from a trusted health provider is key for improving wellness.

In this workshop, Dr. Jessica Lowe walks you through the process of finding and evaluating a vet, considering what’s important to you and your unique situation. We’ll also share resources that may help you find a vet that’s experienced with your specific breed or health needs – so you’ll never be left wondering what to do when your dog’s health is at stake. Dr. Lowe will also talk through vaccinations and their schedules, so you’re prepared to know what your dog needs and when. Last, we’ll dive into spay and neutering: the risks, benefits, and how to evaluate your own unique situation.

Workshop #4


What you'll learn:
Why dogs need enrichment, the best enrichment toys, and how to build your own enrichment toy

You might not think of enrichment as something that applies to our four-legged friends, but it’s a critical part of your dog’s overall behavioral wellness. In short, enrichment provides an outlet for your dog’s natural instinctual drives – but there’s a lot more practical benefits to it as well. 

Certified trainer and behaviorist Alex Sessa leads this workshop to help you understand how enrichment can positively impact your dog's behavior, and shares enrichment ideas that you can purchase or build at home with things laying around the house.

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Health & Nutrition

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