Dr. Jessica Lowe

Guest Instructor

Expertise: Small Animal Medicine, Public Health Veterinary Medicine, Emergency Veterinary Medicine

Education & Certifications: BA, University of Maryland | MBA, University of Phoenix | DVM, University of the West Indies

About Dr. Lowe

Dr. Jessica Lowe is a doctor of veterinary medicine currently serving as the Lead Veterinarian at FirstVet, a veterinary tele-health platform. Dr. Lowe has a diverse work history and background, with expertise spanning small animal medicine, emergency veterinary medicine, exotic medicine, lab animal medicine, and public health medicine. Her career has taken from St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, and now to Washington DC.

Prior to working at FirstVet, Dr. Lowe served as a Medical Director for two VCA Animal Hospitals.

When not treating patients, Dr. Lowe enjoys time with her family and their two cats, as well as outdoor biking and a lot of traveling.

Pro Tip: “Your dog is here to learn from you and you are here to learn from your dog"

A photo of Dr. Lowe smiling to the camera

Your dog doesn't come with an instruction manual. That's why there's Gentle Beast.