One free month of training for adopters from Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California

Thank you for adopting from Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California! Get started with Gentle Beast and begin your training journey with your new dog!*

*Only available on iOS and iPadOS

You're off to a great start

Whether you're picking up a new puppy, or providing a new home for an older dog, we can't thank you enough for adopting your new best friend. Training is critical for all dogs – but especially rescue dogs.

Thousands of new adopters use Gentle Beast to:

  • Provide decompression to acclimate the dog to their new home
  • Develop a deeper relationship by establishing a communication channel
  • Continue the dog's learning and mastery of key skills and cues
  • Head off behavior issues before they start

Gentle Beast is a dog training and behavior resource, in your pocket.

Our platform offers the following:

  • Custom-training plans composed of bite-sized, digestible instructional content tailored to a dog's age, breed, environment, and training progress
  • Access to an expert-led community where users can speak with live trainers and other dog owners whenever they need
  • 1:1 virtual booking appointments with live trainers
  • Curated recommendations for equipment, food, treat, and enrichment
Please use this download link below in order to receive your free month:

With instruction approved by the most trustworthy canine behavior organizations: